Provider selection:

The process of selecting providers using a separate RFI (request for information) and RFP (request for proposal) phase is very time-consuming and therefore costly for the user companies, considering the large number of providers usually invited. Added to this, the information provided by the providers during the RFI phase is often not specific enough and very marketing-heavy.

The CXP Group, with its provider benchmark method and its PAC RADAR and SCORE tools, helps you streamline this phase significantly. Furthermore, based on their extensive and intimate knowledge of the provider landscape, our experts can quickly assess the capabilities of providers with respect to your individual situation.

Benefit from PAC's intimate knowledge of the provider landscape, save time and money, eliminate the RFI phase, and start the RFP process based on a qualified provider selection.

Innovation workshops:

New business requirements, through digitization possibilities and new technological possibilities (cloud, big data analytics, etc.), provide companies with a variety of opportunities. The CXP Group helps you identify these opportunities with a very efficient workshop concept, and provides support when it comes to planning their implementation.

IT strategy – development/coaching:

Due to the massive change, companies' IT strategy needs to be adapted. PAC helps businesses develop and successfully communicate a modern and comprehensive IT strategy that takes new potentials into consideration.

Outsourcing contract reviews:

Many companies look at new outsourcing options to address cost saving potentials and increase agility. PAC uses its extensive experience to design contracts such that objectives are actually achievable and achieved. One of the main focal points here is IT operations in hybrid cloud environments.