In this report, we focus on the challenges that the CPG and retail industries are currently facing and how AI can help to address these challenges.
We give examples of use cases and project references that apply for AI in the CPG and retail industries in the following domains:

  • Sales, marketing and communications
  • Supply chain management and logistics

We will also give our view on the current maturity level of AI in retail and CPG, major challenges to overcome and an outlook on further development.



Management Summary

Scope and Definitions

  • Definition of AI
  • Scope of this report

AI in CPG & Retail – How AI Can Impact Major Challenges

  • Major challenges of the CPG & retail industries
  • The potential of AI to face these challenges

Selected Use Cases for AI in CPG & Retail

  • In sales, marketing and communications
  • In supply chain management and logistics

teknowlogy’s View of AI in CPG & Retail

  • Current maturity of AI
  • Major challenges to overcome and outlook

Our Recommendations