Analyst View: How Qualtrics fits into the SAP portfolio

Experience management has become one of SAP’s major pillars in the customer experience (CX) space, especially since the acquisition of Qualtrics. Qualtrics’ solutions enable organizations to collect and analyze customer and employee feedback data through surveys, etc. The applications are intended to expand SAP's customer experience portfolio (SAP C/4HANA). In a recently published Expert View we provide our view on Qualtrics. Here are some of our thoughts.

The vendor distinguishes between four categories of experience: customers, products, brands, and employees. Qualtrics does not offer solutions for CRM or marketing automation but grants companies insights into their customers’ and employees’ sentiments by regularly collecting and analyzing their feedback.

Qualtrics is meant to expand SAP’s CX solutions portfolio. Currently, the solutions can be implemented in either stand-alone or integrated mode into the larger SAP CX solutions portfolio (SAP C/4HANA). For more information on SAP C/4HANA, please refer to our Expert View as well as our evaluation of SAP service providers for SAP C/4HANA in Germany and Switzerland (PAC RADAR on SAP C/4HANA). We believe the potential integration may go even beyond that: In the future, customers could use experience management more holistically and implement it into the entire SAP solution landscape, e.g.: While managing the production of goods with SAP’s ERP solutions, organizations can track their customers' satisfaction with Qualtrics.

However, it must be taken into account that this is still largely a dream of the future: It will take time until Qualtrics is fully integrated into SAP’s other applications. The next question is if SAP can convince both, partners and customers, that Qualtrics fits well with the other portfolio elements and will thus provide large benefits. In addition, it is unclear yet if SAP will be able to improve its position against key competitors such as Salesforce.

We are convinced that many SAP customers will evaluate what Qualtrics brings to the table. As soon as the integration into the other products becomes available, more customers will aim to invest into the management of customer and employee experience, and Qualtrics will play a major role in developing the future roadmap for their SAP landscapes.

A more detailed analysis of Qualtrics and its potential within the SAP portfolio can be found in our Expert View that is available to our SITSI® customers.