App Insights: With AIEP, Accenture has launched a versatile travel companion for the migration journey to SAP S/4HANA

Through its recently announced Accenture Intelligent Enterprise Platform (AIEP) for SAP, Accenture addresses the challenges many SAP customers are faced with when it comes to a possible migration to SAP S/4HANA. In our view, AIEP is a rich framework for planning and delivering SAP projects. And even though it has a strong focus on SAP S/4HANA migrations, its application possibilities do not stop there as it covers other solutions of the SAP portfolio as well.

Basically, the platform contains the tools & methodologies, content and industry expertise Accenture has developed and curated over many years. This also includes Accenture's Liquid Studio approach as well as the company’s intelligent automation platform, myWizard®.

The new concept is based on guiding the customer towards SAP S/4HANA via a transformation process, which comprises analyzing the status quo of systems and processes. What PAC considers the most important part of the whole approach is the ability to determine whether and if so, how companies can improve or even innovate through SAP S/4HANA. In our talks with customers, we have found that many are still struggling with the decision whether or not to migrate to the new SAP system and what the business benefits would be.

By using AIEP as the foundation to manage an SAP project, Accenture can for instance help a manufacturing company identify the potential benefits from the new SCM features that SAP S/4HANA provides by demonstrating how its existing SCM processes can evolve. In addition to the core system, IoT technologies and analytics based on SAP Leonardo or SAP Cloud Platform may be added to enable predictive supply chains and integrate relevant data from devices or vehicles. Based on the definition of the transformation roadmap, the overall landscape can be configured by using tools, industry-specific content and available solutions that the platform provides.

Another key principle of the AIEP platform is automation. The idea (and this is part of what Accenture’s myWizard intelligent automation platform is used for) is to automate tasks such as the configuration of software or the provision of systems in a cloud environment to the highest possible degree.


AIEP embeds SAP Model Company services, which provide pre-configured content and configurations tailored to an industry or line of business for a quick rollout of the SAP S/4HANA system.

Our view
Without a doubt, platforms such as AIEP are powerful tools. Due to the rising number of SAP customers looking for ways to start their digital transformation, new approaches are needed – such as evaluating new possibilities of managing processes, building prototypes and matching this with the capabilities of the various SAP solutions. For these firms it is no longer enough to implement a new solution in the most cost-effective and fastest way.

We expect more such platforms for SAP and other applications to be launched by different consulting firms or systems integrators in future.