This report provides an overview of the companies offering products and services based on artificial intelligence techniques. The goal is to show a selection of best-in-class players to highlight efficient, innovative, and operation solution for achieving the best performance in a specific domain. Artificial intelligence is a general term, which covers several techniques, based on large amount of data and specific algorithms. In addition, the technology can affect all industries and many companies are using the term “AI” to market their old or new products; however, only a few are genuinely using AI. That is why it is complicated to determine which companies really embed AI in their products, and the strength of their expertise. To make it clearer, we evaluated hundreds of companies from our database of 3500+ “AI companies” and we classified them in different categories according to their level of expertise. This paper refers to the 13 mappings classified in our “Horizontals” category.

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Management summary

Artificial intelligence: a thriving ecosystem

  • Definition of AI and trends

The AI vendors analysis and mapping: explanation

  • Methodology and selection choices
  • The digital contexts
  • The fundamentals
  • Horizontals
  • Pictograms: maturity, impact, and investment

Mapping by horizontals

  • IT operations
  • Workplace
  • Customer support
  • Sales
  • HR and talent
  • Communication
  • Supply chain and logistics
  • R&D
  • Security & risks (cyber security)
  • Security & risks (other risks and frauds)
  • Production & engineering
  • Finance & operations
  • Marketing

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