Atos looks to Codex to drive IoT momentum

Atos looks to Codex to drive IoT momentum

Codex is one of the four main pillars of the offerings that European IT services giant Atos provides to its customers. Codex aims to bring smart business services onto the digital transformation agenda by leveraging the power of data and providing Data Insights as a Service (DIasS). To do that Atos relies on wide set of IoT solutions that are underpinned by several IoT platforms to unlock the data streams, which are then processed by a range of analytics platforms. PAC recently discussed with Atos executive leadership the value proposition, go-to-market strategy and progress that Atos has achieved in IoT.

Atos' platform play in IoT is quite interesting as it not only specialises in its own IoT platforms powered by Worldline, but also plays a key role in integrating and promoting third party and partner platforms. For example, as one of the first partners of Siemens MindSphere, Atos provides consulting, application development, integration, cloudification, hosting, communication, connectivity and security services. It also delivers services around AWS IoT and Azure IoT.

Atos can answer the needs of all sectors for safe data collection and treatment thanks to Worldline’s IoT platforms such as: the Codex Communication Platform for Industrial IoT, the Codex platform for Connected Vehicles, and the Codex IoT Services Hub. On top of these IoT platforms, Atos offers the Codex Analytics Platform that comes with its own IP but also with integration into third party analytics platforms.

Based on these IoT and analytics platforms Atos developed the so called "smart business services". These span across several industries and include more than 40 off-the-shelf solutions. This is underpinned by consulting, integration and development services, operations and management of end-to-end solutions, leveraging their IoT service management framework to ensure seamless and secure E2E control and enterprise grade SLA’s across the IoT Value chain.

From a vertical perspective, its biggest focus is on manufacturing, transport, utilities and retail, where Atos has a number of large scale IoT project references to show.

One of them is a major European car manufacturer that uses the Codex platform for Connected Vehicles powered by Worldline that provides more than connectivity, and taps into development of commercial catalogues and app stores as well, which provides with direct connection to its customers. Another example is the work Worldline did for different global carmaker around development of connected insurance solutions based on driving behavior of the customer. This solution can reduce the insurance costs to some of the drivers for between 10% and 20%. Apart from carmakers, Atos Group also works with appliances companies, such as Gorenje, to which it provided direct connection to the customer and enabled development of new services.

From a partnership perspective Atos aims to look at the bigger of picture of the IoT market and has set up two types of partnerships, one to address the current needs of the market and the second to address the future needs of the market. The former deals with development of joint go-to-market initiatives while latter deals with strategic investments into joint R&D and technology development efforts. The partnership with Siemens would definitely fit into the latter group as the companies already invested more than €230 million to develop expertise on MindSphere platform and expand its offering in Industrial IoT.

As the cherry on the top of Atos' IoT capabilities, it is worth mentioning its hardware related expertise and its Security by Design Approach. For hardware, this includes hardware development and management capabilities of devices such as Siemens tolling on-board units, drones for observation, Worldline payment terminals, Microsoft Hololens, Continental Digital Tachograph, as well as its own Hoox ultra secure Android smartphone manufactured by Atos. While for security, reliable Data Insights require a foundation for data trust all over the IoT ecosystem, from devices to IoT platforms, that Atos provides through its own latest technologies under the Bull Horus brand, and those jointly developed with Siemens.

There's clearly an appetite from many organizations that need help with the increasingly complex challenge of streamlining their operations and becoming more important in the value chain. Atos has one of the most well-rounded offerings in the IoT market, spanning across the range of services from integration to managed services, both on its own and third-party platforms, hardware expertise and existing partnership network. This could potentially make it a one stop shop for such organizations. Atos is already looking beyond the use cases and can provide the necessary scalability, industrialization and reliability, to provide the business outcome to its customers.

Atos needs to continue investing in business and management consulting capabilities, as IoT propositions come down to the strength of the business case behind them as well as the value they can bring. Further strengthening its already extensive use-case library around large and maturing markets such as transport and manufacturing industries, will enable Atos to position itself as one of the front runners, and PAC will keep an eye on further progress.