Atos pushes edge computing and strengthens its ecosystem development strategy

Atos pushes edge computing and strengthens its ecosystem development strategy

Atos presented its range of technological innovations at Atos Technology Days, moving next to the Viva Technology show in Paris to gain more visibility. This did not prevent them from having a large booth at VivaTech at the same time, in order to attract a wider audience and present their solutions and the start-ups they work with. This year, the exhibition was a little less crowded with robots and marketing prototypes of all kinds that will never see the light (even if a few virtual reality headsets were resistant), but seemed to present more realistic solutions, and therefore often software. On the other hand, it was necessary to be well prepared for the exhbition by having a list of people to meet in order not to waste time on the multitude of booths (13,000 start-ups attended!).

The Atos Technology Days were therefore much more qualitative. Among the main announcements, we can note the new server dedicated to Edge computing and named BullSequana Edge, which must meet the growing needs of data management, while processing them locally. This provides an alternative to cloud storage, but also more agility for processing data coming from connected objects or autonomous vehicles. Atos could become a leading international player in this field. 

Atos also announced its intention to soon open a fourth laboratory dedicated to artificial intelligence in Frankfurt, following those already installed in Dallas, London and Paris. Overall, these two days enabled Atos to confirm its main development axes: edge computing, artificial intelligence (AI) at all levels (infrastructures and applications) and the move towards platforms such as Codex AI, allowing more flexibility for its customers. 

Atos has understood that the number one challenge remains data, but the challenges are almost infinite: AI, automation, development of new economic businesses, security, analytics, etc. That is why Atos has decided to move forward with an ecosystem. While they are mostly relying on their partnership with Google, particularly to develop AI, Atos is also surrounded by several small and large players (Expert System, Element AI, Crowdstrike, Hitachi...) and is not closing the door on the other cloud giants AWS and Microsoft Azure. Management confirms that the most advanced sector in terms of data is finance, but traditional heavy users of HPCs also naturally move towards AI solutions, either to optimise their solutions or to improve the economic and computing performance of their servers. The other sectors still need a lot of support for data management. Finally, Atos makes it a point of honour to reflect upstream on the subject of ethics and AI around their community of experts, in particular by seeking to avoid bias in databases and algorithms.

All these recent developments within the group: the launch of new offers, a much more sector-oriented focus, a solid and constantly evolving ecosystem of partners... make us believe that Atos is moving in the right direction. However, the speed with which these changes will be effective and deployed throughout the group will be a guarantee of commercial success.