BMC Exchange London - BMC Helix's Big Announcement

Last week, teknowlogy Group attended the BMC Exchange London where BMC’s big announcement was the integration of IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Operations Management (ITOM) within the BMC Helix platform powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Traditionally, IT teams have tended to segregate ITSM (focused on end-user support) from ITOM (focused on managing back-end infrastructure) running them with different teams and different tools. However, in response to market demand, BMC has now brought these two worlds together with out-of-the-box integration and boosted by AI.

Last year, BMC announced its Cognitive Service Management Solution (CSM) embedded with AI/ML and predictive capabilities powered by IBM Watson, which the company positions as offering more efficient service management for cloud environments.

BMC Helix, which builds on CSM, and now integrates capabilities for both ITSM and ITOM, is following the market demand for greater predictive and pre-emptive analysis capability. This is intended to allow organizations to be more proactive in discovering, monitoring, optimizing, remediating, and delivering a more efficient overall service for end-users and business operations. BMC’s rallying cry is that BMC Helix allows organizations to “Run and Reinvent” themselves – a welcome respite from the over-used transformation and disruption tags so prevalent in the sector.

The BMC Helix proposition is available as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), offered through a digital workplace in BMC Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, as well as IBM Cloud in the near future, supporting the next-gen service experience for Autonomous Enterprise. This is a stand-out feature that enables customers to get to grips with the complexity of cloud, bots, IoT devices, Omni-channel, demand for growth and Agility, according to Nayaki Nayyar, President, Digital Service, and Operations Management at BMC.

BMC has also added new solutions to its Helix suite, including BMC Helix Remediate, BMC Helix Optimize, and BMC Helix Monitor, enabling organizations to discover blind spots across cloud or on-prem environments, to monitor and detect deviations, remediate security and compliance vulnerabilities, optimize configurations and costs, and provide a fluent omni-channel service experience from IT to business lines.

The triple Helix solution presents three main business benefits:

  • 360 pervasive intelligence environment through AI/ML and RPA
  • Actionable insights through a single and consolidated platform
  • Omni-channel experience beyond web to Slack, chatbot, Skype, etc.

The all-encompassing objective here is to provide a simplified, augmented intelligence platform that powers digital transformation from better user experience to finding efficiencies, and to operate, manage and grow the business without stacking costs.

As befits one of the longest-established players in the space, BMC maintains and continues to innovate solutions for mainframe systems. BMC AMI (Automated mainframe intelligence) is one of BMC’s current focusses, while BMC AMI Capacity Management will be rolled out during December 2019. BMC draws on its seasoned expertise to offer a self-managing mainframe experience enabling enterprise SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management) systems through BMC AMI for Security to monitor mainframe environments in real-time, as well as adhering to regulatory compliance.

teknowlogy Group believes that BMC continues to make the right moves to expand its addressable market while not frightening its installed base. The addition of AI-powered by Watson answers a critical need: the demand for more advanced diagnostic/self-healing capabilities at a time when systems are becoming more complex, and staff is becoming scarcer. This is nowhere more true than with mainframes, whose skilled user population is notoriously aging. And while BMC’s “foot in the door” will almost always be with IT, the company has increased capabilities to expand into other areas of service management, allowing BMC to compete credibly with disruptors in the space.