Brilliant Basics – Infosys’ design arm opens Design Studio in Berlin

I had the chance to attend the opening of Brilliant Basics' new Design Studio in Berlin. The teams from Infosys and Brilliant Basics (Infosys recently acquired BB) showed interesting samples of the work they did for their customers, ranging from analytics-focused examples to AR/VR examples, as well as new ways of customer interaction via bots.

Even if the Brilliant Basics team in Berlin is small, the investment in the studio and the planned new hires – Brilliant Basics Berlin wants to grow to 30 people over the next 6-9 months – reflect a strong commitment from Infosys to the development of their German business.

As regards the planned new hires, Ravi Kumar S., Deputy COO at Infosys, who among other service lines heads the digital transformation services at Infosys, explained the approach of close collaboration with design schools to hire graduates from different design areas. Infosys has had very good experience with this kind of collaboration, e.g., with Rhode Island Design School, from which they hired 1,000 new designers. Infosys is planning the same approach (of course on a smaller scale) in Berlin. In my opinion, this is a very smart approach to attract young designers from different design fields.

The acquisition of Brilliant Basics is a very important move for Infosys towards developing their digital transformation and design capabilities. Even if it is smaller when compared to what Infosys' key competitors have acquired over the past few years, it is a good step forward. Nevertheless, I would recommend pursuing further acquisitions in the design space, with a focus on the customer experience but also on product design – that’s where we see more and more activities from large IT C&SI providers.

I am looking forward to learning about any further steps from Infosys in this direction.