Artificial intelligence is a very hot and very vast subject. This report focuses only on a part of the whole current AI development, which is currently relevant and fast growing: the cloud-based AI solutions. Cloud computing has become the central enabling technology in the entire area of digital transformation.
This also applies to the AI segment. This report therefore analyses the following topics:

  • A brief introduction to AI to explain the meaning and context of the topic.
  • The demand behavior of companies that have a strategic interest in AI, based on surveys of the teknowlogy Group.
  • The benefits of cloud-based AI solutions and how cloud environments can leverage the further AI development, maturity and application.
  • What are the limits of cloud solutions and in which areas AI from the cloud cannot or should not be used.
  • An overview and evaluation of the most important cloud providers in this market.



teknowlogy’s analysis

  • Management summary
  • teknowlogy’s opinion
  • teknowlogy’s recommendations

Artificial intelligence: a brief introduction

  • Definition of AI
  • The foundations of artificial intelligence
  • What user companies expect from AI

Pros and cons of cloud-based artificial Intelligence

  • The logical connection between AI and cloud does not fit always
  • …and cases where the connection does not fit.
  • What user companies should consider

AI solutions from the cloud providers

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft
  • IBM
  • Further providers worth watching

teknowlogy’s comment