A critical review of SAP’s CX portfolio

As one of the most important software companies in the world, SAP needs virtually no introduction. Its portfolio covers any software a company needs to operate on a daily basis, including ERP, HCM, and SCM solutions. One of the most predominant topics in recent years has been the customer experience (CX). This is primarily due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has led to a worldwide online shopping boom and a heightened emphasis on the digital customer experience.

SAP aims to meet this demand with its SAP Customer Experience solutions. Offering a framework for marketing, sales, service, customer data, and commerce, the German software vendor possesses the lineup for a solid CX offering. When adding Qualtrics to the equation, SAP even covers the employee experience.

Speaking to selected service providers, PAC has learned that although SAP remains the leading ERP vendor, specialist providers are often regarded as serious alternatives to SAP in CX-focused customer projects. Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Pega, and Oracle are the biggest competitors in sales and services. In commerce and marketing, Adobe and Salesforce pose the biggest threat to SAP.

To find out why SAP still needs to improve its CX offering, why specialized solutions are often more popular than SAP's, and what IT providers and users have to look out for in the CX area, check out our InSight Analysis report “An Introduction To SAP's CX Portfolio And How It Can Be Leveraged In Client Projects”.