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European utilities have been criticised and penalised for the level of service and experience that they provide to millions of customers across the region. A lack of transparency, poor responsiveness and a dated digital experience are all accusations that have been levelled at gas, electricity and water utility organisations. Against this backdrop, PAC has undertaken a major new survey of 200 senior business and IT stakeholders that provides a detailed view of how far European utilities have travelled in transforming the customer experience and where their journey will take them in the coming years.

The study examines the following questions:

  • What are the main business challenges in 2017?
  • In what areas does digital technology provide the most value?
  • What investments are planned towards digitization and customer
  • excellence?
  • How do companies move forward with digitization initiatives and what strategies are processed?

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In our trend analyses in multi-client mode we analyse the status quo and potential of current market and technology trends on behalf of multiple market players. Our analyses are based on phone interviews among decision-makers in ICT buyer companies. The central analysis results are made available free of charge to ICT buyer companies.