This document contains the detailed findings for the public and utilities sectors from teknowlogy | PAC’s “SITSI® CxO Investment Survey 2019”, in which IT decision makers in user companies all over the world were interviewed to get their views on current IT trends, key requirements and investment plans.

The findings are broken down by region, by company size (<10; 10-99; 100-499; 500-999; 1,000-1,999; 2,000-4,999; 5,000-9,999; 10,000 or more employees), by sub-sector (utilities & energy; central/local government; healthcare provider; public health/social insurance; education and research; defense, non-profit and others), and by LoB vs. IT.

In the public and utilities sectors, 435 companies participated in the survey. The interviews were conducted with IT department managers and line of business managers who are involved in decisions concerning (local) IT budgets, IT investments or IT sourcing. The survey sample comprised different sized companies from all over the world.

This Excel document accompanies teknowlogy’s InSight Analysis report “CxO Survey - Investment Priorities 2019 – Public Sector and Utilities” (part 1 and part 2), which presents and analyzes the key findings from the survey for the public and utilities sectors.