This report gives an overview of the latest trends and relevant vendors on the UK market for cyber security software and services.



Trends in Security Software

  • The shift to advanced firewalls
  • Application Security Testing & Secure DevOps
  • Identity & Access Management (IAM)
  • Privileged Account Management
  • Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM)

Trends in Security Services

  • Threat intelligence and analytics
  • GDPR and GRC
  • Hybrid SOC management
  • Consulting and risk management

Top Five Security Software Vendors in the UK

  • Symantec
  • McAfee
  • Kaspersky Lab
  • Sophos
  • Cisco Systems

Emerging UK Security Software Players

  • Darktrace
  • CybSafe
  • Status Today
  • Digital Shadows
  • Cyberlytic

Positioning of Major Security Services Providers

Top Five Security Services Vendors in the UK

  • BAE Systems Applied Intelligence
  • BT Global Services
  • HP Enterprise Security Services/DXC Technology
  • NCC Group
  • IBM