For the purpose of this report, teknowlogy has evaluated 47 C&SI providers with regards to their capabilities related to use cases in the digital factory. For each of the selected C&SI providers, teknowlogy assessed their capabilities to address 36 use cases for the digital factory.



teknowlogy’s Analysis

  • Management summary
  • teknowlogy’s recommendations


  • Objectives of the report

Vendor Evaluation: Smart Sourcing

Vendor Evaluation: Production Planning

Vendor Evaluation: Production

  • Use case: Automated replenishment
  • Use case cluster: Asset & plant performance monitoring
  • Use case cluster: Connected Worker
  • Use case cluster: Digital quality control
  • Use case cluster: Energy optimization
  • Use case cluster: Next generation factory simulation and automation
  • Use case cluster: Additive manufacturing, factory safety and security
  • Use case cluster: Predictive analytics and maintenance
  • Use case cluster: Intralogistics
  • Use Case Cluster: Traceability

Vendor Evaluation: Services and Training

Vendor Evaluation: Logistics


  • Use Case Definitions: Sourcing and production planning
  • Use Case Definitions: Production
  • Use Case Definitions: Service and support and logistics