Edge computing – more than a hype?!

Edge computing is often discussed as an attack against cloud computing. In fact, it’s not! Edge computing can support computing tasks which cannot be done in the cloud in an appropriate manner. This can be

  • latency requirements,
  • connectivity availability which makes cloud computing just impossible,
  • there might be security or privacy constraints which cannot be fulfilled in the cloud in a compliant way or
  • the connection costs are just too high to deploy a cloud solution.

There are numerous use cases, mainly in the IoT space, which need a form of edge computing. In some cases, there is a need to have only edge computing as no data propagation is needed. In other cases, edge computing is a layer between the data source and a central data center or the cloud, so an additional layer is needed to solve the issues mentioned above.

With a rising usage of IoT solutions and future 5G campus solutions for low latency applications, the need for edge solutions will rise. User organizations should keep this in mind, when considering the tear-off of local data centers as they might be needed in the future.

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