Figure of the day: Hybrid cloud deployment - UK

Figure of the day: Hybrid cloud deployment - UK

In PAC's CxO Investment Survey it becomes clear that there is a diversification of approach alongside a broader shift to the cloud. But one of the most common cloud deployment models adopted today is in-house private cloud- managed by an external service provider, followed narrowly by hosted private cloud dedicated to the company in question. Self-managed in-house private cloud is also popular, just several percentage points below public cloud. In terms of planned adoption, dedicated private cloud is one of the highest deployment model executives in the UK are looking to adopt.

But the most common is the shift to a hybrid model that combines classic data center, private cloud, and public cloud models. Indeed, 38% plan to deploy a hybrid cloud model over the next two years, with 33% advising they intend to deploy dedicated hosted private cloud solutions in their business.

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