Friedhelm Loh Group has big ambitions and is challenging the hyperscalers: German Edge Cloud and IoTOS launch ONCITE to ensure the independence of hidden champions in Europe

You don’t know much about Friedhelm Loh Group, German Edge Cloud, IoTOS, and/or ONCITE so far? Let me fill you in on this.

Who is Friedhelm Loh Group, German Edge Cloud, and IoTOS?

Just a quick recap here – Friedhelm Loh Group is based in Germany and is the owner of Rittal (an IT infrastructure provider), EPLAN and CIDEON (two providers of software and services around PLM, CAD, and CAE), iNNOVO Cloud (a cloud managed services provider), German Edge Cloud and IoTOS (two start-ups that jointly developed ONCITE, an industrial edge cloud appliance for midsize companies in the manufacturing space). The acquisition of IoTOS, a start-up which provides a SaaS-based industrial track & trace solution, was announced on Oct 10, together with the product launch of ONCITE.

What is the purpose of these companies?

While large cloud service providers (hyperscalers) are based in the US (AWS, Microsoft, Google) and in China (Alibaba), no European vendor has been able to build a cloud infrastructure on a similar scale. To remedy this situation, Friedhelm Loh Group wants to become a broader digital transformation partner for midsize companies in the European manufacturing industry, with the aim to ensure their digital independence from the big hyperscalers. To address the needs of this target audience, German Edge Cloud and IoTOS have developed the ONCITE solution.

What is ONCITE?

ONCITE is an industrial edge cloud appliance which combines hardware, software, and services to form a fully integrated industrial IoT platform “out of the box” at the edge. The hardware is based on a robust Rittal edge data center and the container-based software stack provides flexible building blocks for various use cases. This includes Industrial Track & Trace, based on a SaaS solution from IoTOS; predictive maintenance and production quality supervision based on industrial analytics & AI platform capabilities from German Edge Cloud; and real-time process monitoring and event processing at the edge, based on the Nexeed Production Performance Manager from Bosch Connected Industry.

Who was involved in the development of ONCITE and what are the next steps?

The solution was developed by German Edge Cloud and IoTOS, in close cooperation with many other players, such as Bosch Connected Industry, several Fraunhofer Institutes, the International Data Spaces Association (IDS), SupplyON, and even Siemens, with MindSphere. Limtronik GmbH and Rittal supported the product development with early test installations. During the product launch event on Oct 10, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft announced plans to build a “Fraunhofer edge cloud” across 20 locations with real-time edge computing capabilities, based on ONCITE.

Is there an analyst report available?

Yes, we wrote a first short analysis (2-page Expert View) on this new solution. It addresses three key questions: What are the main forces that are currently driving industrial mid-market companies to change? What are the key challenges for these industrial mid-market companies in adapting to these forces? Is the newly launched ONCITE platform an appropriate solution for these challenges? Click here to access the document.