A glimpse of the new IBM

At a recent IBM analyst conference it was visible that IBM seems to finally see light at the end of the grey tunnel of transition, experimenting and reinventing. The strategic initiatives start to get together at a faster rate: AI has left the initial focus of the healthcare industry, which had been chosen because it was seen as “uncritical” in terms of AI fear. It is now turning full speed to retail, among others. IBM’s AI commitment is now even more advanced with a project called “Debater”, which takes the Watson technology to the edge of open-ended debates. The cloud business is taking off at a more rapid pace in the third wave of cloud deployments. In the security area, too, major steps forward can be observed across its entire offering. Everything is tied together with data analytics. Additionally, the global service team as well as the global technology team benefit from this. IBM is starting to hire at a faster pace, giving the company a younger appeal and a higher level of aggressiveness, and it is going back to core values: customer knowledge, technology that matters (in different industries) and trust as the glue. The new combination of capabilities at this high level – depth and breadth – is unparalleled in the industry. Major competitors are either software-only companies or cloud-only companies or consulting-only companies. Thus, it is only a question of time until IBM’s combined capabilities neatly play together again for slowly but consistently growing revenues and profits.

IBM is also intensively working on the things coming after “what comes next”: Serious quantum computing or quantum advantage that will be able to address matters that cannot be addressed by classical computing.

Bottom line: Although it took much longer than expected (internally, by analysts, by investors and by customers), IBM gets its act together again.

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