How HPE helps the CFO to get ready for the digital age

Digital technologies are disrupting the business models of companies – and many of these technologies, such as cloud computing, automation and analytics, are also significantly impacting back-office functions, such as the finance department or shared service organizations. Selecting, implementing and effectively using these new technologies requires a fundamentally different set of skills and capabilities. Most organizations do not have those and would not have the time and money to invest in them.

HPE has a business process service (BPS) offering which is based on new, digital technologies and also provides the process capabilities to be able to support the finance administration end-to-end.
HPEs BPS offering is is set up and optimized for the finance organization to realize far better outcomes than those achieve by 'traditional' labor arbitrage BPO: it improves agility and quality, and reduces costs while enhancing risk mitigation and driving innovation through process and technology transformation. 

In our latest PAC Q&A publication, PAC analyst Katharina Grimme speaks to Mike Donnellan, HPE EMEA Strategy and Sales Lead for BPS, about the advanced BPS services from HPE and how they support organizations in mastering the current challenges and help them transform their finance operations to get ready for the digital age.