How SAP enables data-driven business innovation in manufacturing

At the recent SAP Industry Analyst Base Camp 2018, which took place in Philadelphia (US) from July 16-17, PAC had the opportunity to meet with SAP’s industry executives responsible for the global manufacturing business and be given a “deep-dive” update on SAP’s focus topics, specifically in the manufacturing industry.

Some of my personal highlights were the news around SAP Leonardo and how SAP’s portfolio of technologies, e.g. IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning or analytics, enable manufacturers to develop innovative and data-driven applications and business innovations. In my view, the approach taken by SAP, i.e. aiming to help its customers solve concrete business challenges rather than offering the mere technologies, is a promising one. This is in particular beneficial for manufacturing companies that want to start their digital transformation initiatives at a small scale, rather than approach the topic of digital transformation with large and complex projects (which quite often get stuck or fail).

Another interesting topic for me was how SAP is enabling manufacturers to innovate by leveraging ecosystems. Ecosystem strategies will play an important role for every manufacturer in order to deliver additional value to their customers; therefore, leveraging SAP’s cloud-based business networks or cloud-based applications that enable manufacturers to collaborate with external partners and suppliers are a good starting point to become engaged in ecosystems and start developing a data-driven business and process innovations.

To read the full overview of my key takeaways from this event, please click here to access our recently published Expert View (subscription-based).