HPE - Enabling companies' journey to SAP HANA

HPE - Enabling companies' journey to SAP HANA

PAC recently had the opportunity to attend a briefing event held by HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) at the SAP Customer Competence Center in Walldorf, Germany, to discuss the company’s portfolio and strategy with regard to the SAP HANA ecosystem.

The company dominates the SAP HANA infrastructure market with 24,000+ compute blocks shipped to 3,800 customers, holding a 42% market share in SAP HANA deployments. The close relationship between HPE and SAP was emphasized once more by the fact that HPE served as the main contractor for SAP’s newest cloud data center (which opened on September 14 in Walldorf), supplying 5,000 servers and other relevant equipment.

Recent PAC research has shown that although demand for hardware has been shrinking over the last few years, a new generation of technologies (including SAP’s in-memory database, HANA) is causing end users to invest in hardware infrastructure again. A fact that plays well into the hands of HPE.

Pointnext, HPE’s services arm, offers a comprehensive portfolio of technology-related consulting and operational IT services intended to support customers with their digital transformation projects. In PAC’s opinion, Pointnext will be a critical portfolio element, as it allows HPE to differentiate itself from some of its competitors and helps customers optimize and run their infrastructure – which will help strengthen customer loyalty in the long term.  

With more and more companies migrating to S/4 and thus relying on the SAP HANA database, their outdated servers have to be replaced to make room for the new technology. PAC expects HPE to profit from this transition, whether or not customers will choose on-premises, private or hybrid/multi-cloud environments.