Hybrid is not equal to hybrid

Discussions on cloud computing sooner or later concentrate on the hybrid topic: Traditional IT systems are kept on-premise while not so strategic or security-related systems may be deployed in a cloud environment, often as SaaS.

However, enterprises looking at "hybrid" from that perspective only, are missing major opportunities for their digital transformation.

"Hybrid" should be interpreted in multiple dimensions to leverage its full potential:

  • System of record vs. system of engagement
  • System of record vs. system of insight
  • System of engagement vs. system of insight
  • Traditional business vs. new business
  • Existing customers vs. net new customers
  • Stationary IT vs. mobile IT
  • Private cloud vs. public cloud
  • Encrypted vs. non-encrypted
  • Managed in-house vs. managed by third party
  • Data strictly internal vs. shared with customers and partners
  • Data on disk vs. in-memory

Bottom line: Those enterprises looking for a way to make themselves 'future-proof' will find inspiration to extend this core list for their digital transformation. It can also be used to facilitate more intensive ideas exchange between the IT side and the business side of the organization. Hybrid has many facets and needs to be interpreted in multiple dimensions and not be reduced to a private vs. public cloud discussion.