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A deindustrialization trend has been underway for several decades in Western countries. This movement is big in France where the share of industry in value added is now lower than in Italy or Spain and twice as low as in Germany.
Revitalizing our industry has become both crucial and very ambitious. The French government has set the agenda in its Industry of the Future program or the industrial solutions proposed by the "Nouvelle France Industrielle”.
Several themes were addressed in our analysis:
  • The "Industry of the Future” strategy: where are companies in its development? Who sponsors it? What is it about? What are the issues?
  • Production data processing projects: what are they about? What are the associated objectives? What are the issues?
  • The other investments made or planned: what do they relate to? What are the associated objectives?
The results presented in this report are derived from a survey conducted by CXP Group in November 2016 of160 industrial companies with more than 500 employees, regardless of whether or not they had initiated a Factory of the future program.


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