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The number of AI start-ups is increasing exponentially, as artificial intelligence  has an impact on all businesses and sectors. They play an enormously important role in AI-related R&D: Start-ups can focus their resources on specific technologies, solutions and domains left by large corporations and can pivot whenever necessary. Many big companies – including high-tech giants – have understood this very well and are now getting closer with these AI start-ups, through partnerships, investments or even acquisitions. Start-ups always nurture innovative ideas for business and positively contribute to a company’s image, which in turn helps to attract talents and customers.
This is why we decided to focus on AI start-ups, by picking the most relevant ones in various digital contexts (if you are not in that on the list, please get in touch), while the number of start-ups in each domain reflects its level of AI maturity.
Our AI start-ups database is part of a much broader initiative on artificial intelligence and its impact on the market. Since AI is a complex topic with diverse ecosystems and solutions, it is quite difficult to identify the real players in the market, what they do and how mature their solutions are, as well as to figure out what how end users and system integrators should address the AI topic in the coming months. We will help you find answers to you in the following report: Artificial Intelligence: Demystification and Market Opportunities. You can access our worldwide market analysis here.