Infosys expands its European presence with the launch of a new Digital Innovation Center in Bucharest, Romania

Last week, PAC was invited to attend the opening of Infosys’ new Digital Innovation Center in Bucharest. Although Infosys is not a new name in the Romanian IT landscape, the company’s commitment towards developing a full digital expertise center, focused on European customers, in Bucharest, represents a totally new endeavor.

The center currently relies on approximately 200 specialists, with plans to further expand the team to a potential 500 employees in the near future. Infosys counts on two strategic partnerships with two of the most prestigious universities in Romania, the University of Bucharest and the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, to secure its pool of talents that will help the company expand its digital-related services across Europe.

Infosys’ investment into such a high added-value center in Bucharest is in line with the growing value generated by Romanian delivery and R&D centers. The export of IT services from Romania has exceeded 3 billion euros last year, showing a slight slowdown in the total volume growth, but a continuous positive evolution of the value generated by the specialists employed in Romania. Ten out of the Top 15 global IT services providers already have significant Romanian teams located next to the main university centers in the country and they all have plans to further expand their local capabilities.   

Infosys’ opportunity to create a nearshore digital center in Romania consists firstly in being able and strengthening its commitment towards European customers and secondly in closely adapting to the GDPR regulations and streamlining its operational workflows. The high appetite for multicultural exchange of the young Romanian technical college graduates and good foreign language skills are among the most important criteria based on which Bucharest is selected as a regional operation center for Infosys’ digital curricula, along with the government tax incentives applied for the IT domain.

The activity in the Digital Innovation Center is developing at an accelerated pace. Infosys claims that it has already started delivering services to another ten customers compared to six months ago. Starting this summer, Infosys will have a 24/7 running Security Operations Center, which will serve both European and global clients, but it will be critical for the EU region in the GDPR context.

The event also included specific presentations of various solutions for verticals such as retail, manufacturing, banking, healthcare, insurance and media. During these panels, Infosys specialists showcased the latest digital technologies and the way in which they can reshape processes and customer interactions in the above-mentioned domains, by using artificial intelligence (AI) elements, such as machine learning, natural language processing, video and image recognition combined with real-time analytics and virtual assistants. Alongside the AI components, other solutions based on Internet of Things (IoT), digital twins, virtual and augmented reality experiences, interactive dashboards were also discussed.

PAC acclaims Infosys’ decision to invest in Romania. Infosys has the proper knowledge and capabilities to act as a digital transformation partner for its customers, and we believe that the Bucharest-based Innovation Center can be a key business driver. PAC hopes that Infosys will also get involved on the local market, as it can find opportunities in manufacturing, thanks to foreign investments, banking, insurance and retail. Also, IoT can be an area of future development, especially driven by the growing interest of such services and solutions in verticals like telecom and utilities.