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Access to database


  • Beyond the buzzwords of Digital Transformation, access innovative real-life technology use cases – for your specific industry and your business challenge.
  • Find your way in the jungle of Digital Transformation offerings to get a first capability overview of potential partners relevant for your own business.
  • Benefit from use case analyses and best practices – all at your fingertips and rated by our experts.
  • PAC’s innovation register has been consulted more than 10,000 times since its launch in June 2016.


  1. 10,000+ Downloads
  2. 700 Case studies
  3. 354 Profiles
Access to database

the innovation register is important for your organisation!

  • The future of your business is digital, no doubt about that.
  • To get an edge over your competition you have to better understand and quickly develop new business opportunities through new technologies.
  • While facing new business challenges, you have to balance opportunities and risks before implementing any emerging technologies.
  • The Innovation Register helps you get a clearer picture and take first decisions thanks to real-life best practices from your peers as well as opinions from our analysts.
Access to use cases
Access to database

What is
the Innovation Register?

  • To support you in your project, our analysts share their insights gained in hundreds of advisory projects and analyst briefings.
  • Started in mid-2015 by our IoT team as a simple Excel tool, our Innovation Register has been launched in Q2 2016 as an online database of hundreds of use cases and vendor ID cards you can browse free of charge.
  • Each use case has been carefully selected, described, categorized and assessed by our analysts.
  • The Innovation Register is updated at least once per month, focusing on IoT / Industry 4.0, Connected Car, Smart Health, Smart Energy, Smart Cities, etc.
Access to vendor profiles
Access to database

How to
use the Innovation Register

  • Want to browse the full database? Just click on the “User Login” button on the top right corner of the screen and complete your registration. 
  • Once registered, generate your list of relevant use cases or suitable partners in a few clicks. The card view presentation allows comfortable reading.
  • You can download, share and print each use case or partner ID card. 
  • For even more detail, download featured use cases or sponsored partner profiles.
  • For a quick glance at a use case or vendor profile, click on the samples below.