teknowlogy | PAC has evaluated the providers of IoT & AR platforms in Europe by five new segments, which are dedicated to specific user requirements:

We basically observe two main trends – the consolidation of existing market segments and, simultaneously, the emergence of new market segments in the context of IoT platforms. Both trends are already having an impact on the existing vendor landscape for IoT platforms, and this impact will continue in the future:

  • Intensifying competition leads to a new level of shakeout.
  • Increasing relevance of partnerships with hyperscalers.
  • Vendor repositioning to enhance differentiation.


The PAC RADAR is a tool for the holistic evaluation and visual positioning of leading software and ICT service providers on local markets.
With the help of predefined criteria, teknowlogy | PAC evaluates and compares providers’ revenue scope, development, and market position in addition to performance and competencies within specific market segments.

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