The IoT Survey

The IoT Survey

Our first annual “IoT Survey” is an online based worldwide survey runs until the end of September 2018 and is available to participants in English, German, French and Spanish. 

The IoT Platform market is an up and coming market with the potential to generate billions in economic impact within the next decade, but the market itself is fragmented and filled with platforms claiming the IoT Platform name without any of the specs to back it up. We have carefully selected the Top 50 IoT platform providers available on the market and will proceed to rank them in respect to real customer feedback and experience. 

The IoT survey is the first of its kind to evaluate the leading IoT platform providers based on feedback from users worldwide. The results of the survey will be published in January 2019. They aim to provide an invaluable resource to companies deciding which platforms to use and to vendors who want to understand the needs of the market. 

Our aim with the IoT Survey is to give a voice to the users of IoT Platforms, allowing us to see these platforms from the perspective of the user community. The IoT Survey along with our IoT Radar, where PAC provides it’s view as an independent analyst house, provide a 360 view of the existing IoT platform environment. 

All participants:

  • Gain access to our final report based on the results of this survey.
  • Participate in the chance to win a 50 Euro Amazon gift card.
  • Have 1 Euro donated to Barefoot College, A foundation whose main purpose is to connect rural areas to solar power, water, and education.
  • Get a free copy of the 2017 IoT Platform RADARs.

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