This document features an overview and analysis of the most important findings from The IoT Survey 2019.

The IoT Survey is teknowlogy’s annual report on the global landscape of IoT platform providers, which was created on the basis of the world’s first comprehensive survey of IoT users, conducted in the second half of 2018.

With a sample of over 2,000 survey responses, The IoT Survey 2019 offers an unsurpassed level of user feedback on close to 40 leading IoT solutions. In addition to the leading top-tier vendors, the IoT Survey report also evaluates a large number of less well-known platforms from smaller vendors – which in many cases were found to offer excellent value as well.

The survey’s results will provide an invaluable resource to companies in the process of identifying a suitable platform fitting their strategy, organization and business requirements. As well as to vendors wishing to understand the needs of the market. The IoT Survey will offer enhanced visibility and excellent marketing/PR opportunities to the vendors featured in the published findings.

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  • The KPIs
  • Peer groups
  • KPI overview
  • Peer group overview

User demographics

Key findings

The IoT platform market – an archetype of complexity

Business value – how do users maximize it?

Implementation – what is the road to success?

Competitiveness – does size matter in terms of brand awareness?

Innovation – what are the focus areas of the innovators?

Customer satisfaction – what makes the user happy?

Customer experience – is it possible to combine superior performance with flexibility and usability?