PAC has evaluated the providers of SaaS-related consulting, implementation & integration in Europe in different PAC RADAR analyses, each of which focuses on a specific SaaS platform or, cross-platform, on the major European markets France, Germany and the UK:

Depending on their focus, the providers are positioned either in all or in selected PAC RADAR analyses.

It is not the SaaS platforms that have been assessed but the ecosystem services that provide support to corporate clients with the implementation of SaaS solutions, from the comprehensive development of a cloud strategy up to the implementation, integration and management of SaaS solutions:

SaaS implementation and integration as considered in this PAC RADAR analysis includes Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-related IT consulting services (feasibility study, planning, specifications and design), IT-related process consulting as part of a SaaS-related project (audit of system infrastructures, selecting technologies and solutions, business process reengineering [BPR] and change management) and SaaS implementation and integration (implementation services and data migration, integration of the SaaS solution in the existing software infrastructure and in other SaaS solutions where applicable, testing, training, etc.).

The assessment takes into account, but does not focus on, ”related services”, such as comprehensive cloud strategy consulting or the operation of the SaaS solution (hosting/managed services).

Apart from the cross-platform PAC RADARs about SaaS implementation in Germany, France and the UK, PAC has compiled RADARs dedicated to the implementation of leading platforms in Europe such as Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and ServiceNow.