The Live Enterprise

I had the chance to participate in Infosys’ European Customer and Analyst Event, EMEA Confluence 2019, in Barcelona last week.

The key topic was “The Live Enterprise”. With this vision, Infosys addresses the need of organizations to intuitively adapt to the shifting business environment with frequent, quick-paced changes just like living creatures do.

Infosys shared with us its view, its approaches to support the Live Enterprise and a large number of customers on stage who shared their experience (with Infosys) on their way to this type of flexible enterprise.

I also attended Confluence in Rome last year, and I have to say that Infosys has clearly moved forward in the execution of its program to strengthen its position as a strong transformation partner.

I have to say as well that – something that teknowlogy actually requested from Infosys in the past – Infosys made huge steps forward in strengthening its digital design and innovation capabilities. Infosys enlarged its design teams and opened further design and innovation centers.

In a dedicated analyst session just before Confluence started, Infosys gave an update about where it stands in its transformation (launched 18 months ago) in order to strengthen and reposition Infosys in line with its Digital Transformation Framework by 5 elements:

  • Experience,
  • Insight,
  • Innovate,
  • Accelerate,
  • Assure,

by strengthening its capabilities around:

  • Design,
  • Learning,
  • Automation,
  • Agile,
  • Proximity.

In this context Infosys demonstrated its concept and, as an example, showcased “AlfaME” (an end-to-end solution) which supports employees live across all stages and tasks, from onboarding, creating its network, their life in sales and so on. Infosys developed an impressive number of uses cases.

It was good to hear that it is not only a concept though: Infosys also brought customers to the stage, e.g. Siemens, which employs the concept in the Learning field with the Infosys platform “Wingspan”.

In a nutshell: Infosys has made its homework to reposition itself to become a key partner for large organizations in their transformation towards “Live Enterprises”. Infosys has strengthened its capabilities across all required areas, such as design, consulting and various technologies. What is of fundamental importance though: Infosys has clearly improved its business platform business, e.g. Finacle is now cloud-enabled and the largest banking platform in the world in terms of user numbers.

However, Infosys must not stop its effort. In the next years, too, I expect Infosys to consequently move forward with its localization in Europe, to strengthen its consulting and change management capabilities, and also to live collaboration between the design, the IoT, and its software technology teams.

Beside all updates, information about Infosys and the good opportunity to talk to Infosys’ customers, guest speaker Ellen MacArthur, record-breaking sailor and champion of circular economy, held an impressive speech, which gave me (and I am sure many other visitors as well) a lot of food for thought. We have to dramatically change our way of doing business and have to transform our entire economies from “linear” to “circular economies”.

Please also have a look at Ellen MacArthur’s work:

So, it was a great pleasure to be part of EMEA Confluence 2019 and to see how Infosys is transforming itself to be well prepared to transform and prepare large organizations for the upcoming changes on their way to “Live Enterprises.”

Looking forward to seeing Infosys’ next steps.