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How are European businesses tackling a constantly-changing landscape of persistent cyber threats and stringent data protection rules?

A services focused economy has long made European Businesses an attractive target for sophisticated and persistent threats from globalised cyber crime gangs. Today however, the threat is just as likely to come from nation state actors or even competitors looking to steal an advantage through cyber espionage.

Protecting sensitive data such as customer details or financial data is becoming harder and the consequences of loss more damaging and longer lasting. European Businesses are looking beyond their walls for protection and towards outsourced security specialists. Against this backdrop, PAC conducted a major research study of 200 senior information and security professionals across Europe, to discover how and why they using Managed Security Services Providers.

The study explores:

  • What are the key attributes that businesses look for in appointing an MSSP?
  • Are European businesses aware of the different levels of service that MSSPs are offering?
  • Which industry sectors and regions are are more inclined to engaging with MSSPs?
  • How are European businesses using MSSPs, what are the top business and security challenges driving the choice of MSSP?
  • Are security budgets growing in line with the increased level of threat that the organization is facing?
  • Has digital transformation meant that MSSPs face new demands from clients?
  • Do the growing levels of cybercrime mean in-house security teams can’t cope?
  • Are MSSPs able to respond more rapidly to changing threats and criminal tactics?

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