For many years, public cloud usage was dominated by customers that built “something new”, that needed scalability in specific areas, or that made selective use of cloud-native services in areas such as analytics, machine learning, and IoT. Notwithstanding the continued investment in digitalization, augmented customer experience, greater automation, and other important initiatives.
However, the trend has shifted. Today, large-scale public cloud migrations, including the complete replacement of data centers, have become a serious consideration for a growing number of companies.



  • Management summary
  • Introduction
  • Drivers of large-scale public cloud migration
  • Traditional ITO makes way for broader cloud migration engagements
  • Finding the best application migration strategy
  • Third-party cloud migration support will be a critical vendor selection criteria
  • Global spending on cloud-related services
  • Aspects to be considered
  • Recommendations for IT providers
  • Recommendations for IT users