No let-up in the pace of change at ServiceNow - an update from Knowledge19

No let-up in the pace of change at ServiceNow - an update from Knowledge19

Earlier this month teknowlogy Group attended the start of the huge Knowledge2019 show and conference in Las Vegas. An annual event that’s now in its thirteenth year, Knowledge is ServiceNow’s main showcase, attracting over 20,000 attendees across customers, partners and its entire ecosystem.

As a cloud analyst, my interest in ServiceNow started when I realised (perhaps belatedly) that the company’s Now Platform™ was a strong PaaS that I’d overlooked because I’d mentally tagged it in the “ITSM management tools” category.  

(For more detail on this aspect of ServiceNow, please see the cloud profile that forms part of our SITSI® continuous research programme)

Although that is part of what ServiceNow does, the company’s ambitions are so much broader than that. The company is committed to modernising the world of work, with a specific focus on enabling organizations through workflow digitisation. ServiceNow’s goal is to provide the single platform that acts as the “glue” that holds together each organization’s unique combination of in-house and external strategic systems.  In effect, ServiceNow has positioned itself as the integration and automation platform that enables effective integration of the half-dozen cloud and related environments that most large organizations commonly use. 

The focus on providing the single work platforms was absolutely confirmed by ServiceNow’s Chief Product Officer, CJ Desai, who re-emphasised ServiceNow’s clarity of focus around  providing the one platform that (in the company’s view) is capable of supporting the transformation of every aspect of the world of work. As ServiceNow sees it, the key differentiation is the single platform, supporting a single data model, on which are based multiple products, which is intended to transform the experience of customers and employees alike.  

To deliver against that ambitious goal, ServiceNow has invested heavily to ensure the platform offers a modern digital experience. Mobile Studio allows ServiceNow users to quickly build their own mobile-native applications, while the platform’s Conversation Designer is specifically intended to enable non-specialists to build self-service conversations. The platform includes features designed to improve customers’ operational efficiency by automating the generation of insights from existing diverse sources of data. It also includes other key features that aim to make the platform an easier place to build and deliver engaging modern applications. These include a recommendation agent that identifies probable resolutions to specific incidents, and includes out-of-the-box virtual agent capabilities for building out chatbots.  The platform is well known for offering easy integration with many favourite enterprise platforms and environments, and is available globally.

The nature of modern platforms is that providers like ServiceNow are under constant pressure to earn their customers’ loyalty afresh every day. As part of its efforts to keep the three million daily active users faithful, the company continues to adhere to a punishing six-monthly innovation programme, with separate innovation tracks across its main target digital workflow channels in IT, HR and Customer Support. 

As the company continues to expand its workflow platform, it is adapting to operate at an even greater scale, including an ever-increasing design focus, continuing innovation in the Now Platform, and a customer success function that provides guidance based on the company’s experience of what works best. These are all signs of the growing maturity of the ServiceNow ecosystem, and the cherry on the cake is the announcement of a new segmentation to the company’s partner programme. Although somewhat tongue-in-cheek, there is no doubt that revisions to partner programmes are very much the hallmark of the old-school IT giants. The fact that it’s no surprise to hear of them from ServiceNow only underscores how completely ServiceNow has established itself as a true Enterprise contender.  teknowlogy Group will be looking at ServiceNow in more detail in coming months, and expects to report back on even greater enterprise expansion.