Objectives of the report:

  • Present the context, needs and major challenges for a successful customer experience in the digital age;
  • Define the perimeters of customer experience and software offers and related services, according to PAC;
  • Highlight the various technological components on which a strategy focused on the customer experience should be based;
  • Map and analyze the ecosystem of players in the "digital customer experience” segment;
  • Propose a segmentation and classification of solutions and services;
  • Identify markets relating to the "digital customer experience” segment and illustrate their dynamics with a few key trends;
  • Make recommendations on the criteria and factors to be considered by IT companies (ESNs) and suppliers to successfully address these markets and make it a lever for growth potential;
  • Make recommendations to business users on the tactical elements to be implemented to build an effective strategy to improve customer experience.



PAC’s Analysis

  • Introduction
  • PAC’s opinion
  • PAC’s recommendations

Understand the Expectations of Customers to Deliver the Best Possible Experience

  • Think services and not products
  • Compile comprehensive customer journeys
  • Use the data to create a personalized service

Move on from One-off Interactions to an Ongoing Commitment

  • Towards a subscription economy
  • Feeding the relationship with a content marketing strategy

Accelerate this Transformation by Relying on the Tools and Skills of the Market

  • The essential role of start-ups and software publishers
  • A necessary adaptation of the service providers