teknowlogy | PAC has evaluated the providers of open digital platforms for the industrial world in Europe in seven segments dedicated to specific use cases:

In the past 24 months, many projects were initiated to take the level of digitization in factories across the world to the next stage. There is the clear need to make the development, scaling, and management of new applications for the digital factory more efficient, simple, and agile. Platforms can help to provide all these capabilities in an efficient, i.e. integrated, way. Digital platforms for industrial purposes can take digital factory initiatives to the next level by providing agile DevOps capabilities across all industrial applications in the factory. These platforms have the ambition to manage the factory with all its applications as an increasingly integrated and agile digital system.
Only a big ecosystem and openness to all 3rd-party application developers can provide the maximum agility required today. Open digital platforms are the best approach to achieving this for the digital factory in an efficient way.
teknowlogy | PAC distinguishes three different concepts in the market today that are increasingly competing with each other. Vendors are starting to position themselves around these different concepts:

  • Industrial cloud
  • Industrial edge
  • Industrial edge cloud

The PAC RADAR is a tool for the holistic evaluation and visual positioning of leading software and ICT service providers on local markets.
With the help of predefined criteria, teknowlogy | PAC evaluates and compares providers’ revenue scope, development, and market position in addition to performance and competencies within specific market segments.

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