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SITSI Research for Vendors

SITSI® stands for Software and IT Services Industry and is the umbrella brand for all off-the-shelf studies.
SITSI® provides data, analyses and recommendations to enable you to better understand the changes in
your environment, seize opportunities, formulate crucial business strategies and make the right investment decisions.

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Innovation Register

The PAC Innovation Register offers relevant business case studies and provider data on important markets in the Internet of Things (IoT), such as Industrial IoT or Connected Car. In addition, PAC rates each case study with regard to relevance and maturity.

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The PAC RADAR is an in-depth qualitative assessment of service companies for a given offering in a given country.
It provides a visual representation of these stakeholders and how they can meet customers' needs.

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IT Rates Database

PAC’s IT Services Rates Database is the most comprehensive and reliable analysis of current IT services rates. Using a combination of user surveys and supplier input, we derive average rates for a full range of IT services, segmented by job level, service value chain, industry, technological environment, solution and technology type.

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Multi-Client Projects

Multi-sponsor studies support end users in their IT strategy and their choice of service providers. In our studies, we analyze the status and potential of specific market and technology trends - on behalf of several stakeholders.

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Events & Webinars

We cover all application services and infrastructure services segments along our research clusters: apps modernization, digital transformation, IoT, analytics, cybersecurity, etc. We address a wide range of audiences.The European markets are our home base, especially France, DACH, the UK, C&EE and the Nordic countries.

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