As the connectivity of an organization to its ecosystem becomes increasingly vital and the dependability on IT rises within companies, the role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is becoming more and more important.

But what makes a CISO successful? What does a typical CISO profile look like? Is the typical CISO part of the board? How is IT security structured?

The present trend study "The Chief Information Security Officer Survey 2018" seeks to answer these questions and more. Carried out by PAC on behalf of Kaspersky Lab, it analyzes the status quo and future developments worldwide with regard to the CISO’s role and organization. It is based on a CATI survey of 250 companies around the world with CISOs or their equivalent, as well as 11 expert interviews. This study will be an annual study. This is the first one, carried out in summer 2018.

The study can be downloaded from the Kaspersky website – Sponsor Link