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The innovative revolution of business processes

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Artificial intelligence is currently evolving from a niche technology to the mainstream. While some companies will develop new and innovative services on the basis of AI, the vast majority will use it to address challenges regarding operational excellence, the innovation of customer experience and the automation of core processes. The use of AI in the application context is an area of dynamic innovation – many major software vendors, Internet platform providers, start-ups as well as IT services companies have developments underway. As such, AI will be fundamental for the various use cases of the Internet of Things.

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In our trend analyses in multi-client mode we analyze the status quo and potential of current market and technology trends on behalf of multiple market players. In January 2018, PAC conducted a survey of 240 enterprises with more than 1,000 employees from various countries in Europe on the relevance of artificial intelligence (AI) on business applications. The interviews were conducted with senior business and IT decision makers from the manufacturing industry and the services, trade and transport industries. The survey has built the foundation for the present study.