Actually, the blockchain technology originates from cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Nevertheless, companies outside the financial industry are already showing intensive interest in the distributed ledger technology. The reason for this is that a blockchain always seems to be the ideal solution, whenever digital values need to be exchanged between known or unknown business partners.

Against this background, many companies, providers and research institutes are working on expanding blockchain technology so that it can also be used in IoT processes in manufacturing companies. A large number of uses cases are currently being developed to meet the new challenges of decentralized IoT solutions in manufacturing and to implement new, automated IoT business models based on blockchain technology.

In our video replay of the webinar you will learn:

  • How the blockchain technology works;
  • The strength and limits of the blockchain technology;
  • The most important basics, terms, trends and solutions;
  • Which use cases and projects are already emerging.

Video Replay