The Planning Survey 18 is the largest and most thorough fact-based analysis of the planning and budgeting market currently available. It is not based on anecdotal accounts or personal opinions, unlike much analyst research, neither is it intended to be a measure of market shares. Instead, it sets out to analyze market trends and produce meaningful comparisons of competing products across a wide range of critical software and vendor-related criteria. The Planning Survey also provides a detailed quantitative analysis of why customers buy planning tools, what they are used for, what problems they experience with the tools and how successful they are.

The Planning Survey 18 features 17 planning products from 16 different vendors. It includes not just products from well-known global giants such as IBM, Oracle and SAP, but also tools from much smaller vendors that ordinarily don’t get much press but which, in many cases, offer outstanding value to customers.



  • Introduction
  • Peer groups
  • The KPIs
  • Vendor and product overview
  • User and use case demographics
  • Why organizations buy Anaplan
  • Problems encountered by Anaplan users
  • KPI results for Anaplan in the ‘Solution-focused Planning Products’ peer group
  • KPI results for Anaplan in the ‘Global Vendors’ peer group
  • Customer feedback summary for Anaplan
    • Above average customer feedback
    • Below average customer feedback