Objectives of the report:

  • Introduction to the PaaS topic and how such platforms are being used and why
  • Explain the relevance of platform as a service for users and for IT services providers
  • Provide insights on leading PaaS offerings
  • Help users and IT services providers in defining their PaaS strategy



PAC’s Analysis

  • Management summary
  • PAC’s opinion
  • PAC’s recommendations

PaaS – a Brief Introduction

  • What is PaaS?

Technologies and Trends

Relevance of PaaS

  • Relevance of PaaS for the IT market
  • Relevance of PaaS for companies

Provider Landscape

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Oracle - Oracle Cloud Platform
  • Red Hat - OpenShift
  • Salesforce - App Cloud
  • Google - Google App Engine
  • SAP - SAP HANA Cloud Platform
  • Amazon Web Services - Elastic Beanstalk and others
  • IBM - Bluemix
  • CloudBees

What’s Next?