Proximus outsources its private cloud infrastructure to HCL Technologies

Belgian Telco and IT services provider Proximus signed a partnership with HCL Technologies to run and service its private cloud infrastructure. Proximus will accelerate innovation and bolster its cloud portfolio for enterprise customers through this partnership while simultaneously adding layers of sustainability, efficiency, and resilience to data center infrastructure operations. The move comes as Proximus sees greater adoption of hybrid cloud practices.

Starting February 2022, HCL will manage and maintain Proximus' private cloud infrastructure and underpin the Enterprise Business Unit's position as a supplier of hybrid cloud solutions - a mix of Proximus' data centers with public cloud capabilities. Moreover, this enables Proximus to provide a broader catalog of services while elevating customer experience and flexibility. Proximus will now include all major hyperscalers, including Microsoft, Google, AWS, and SAP, to name a few.

While HCL will manage part of Proximus' IT infrastructure, it remains in Proximus' data centers. According to the Belgium-based company, this brings financial benefits lowering its total cost to operate cloud infrastructure by 20% while also mitigating investment needs in the short term.

According to Proximus' CEO, Guillaume Bouting, the partnership with HCL brings economies of scale, expertise, best practices, and innovative tools while simultaneously strengthening its competitive position in the cloud domain.