Considering the difficulties that manufacturing companies are facing, new technologies will play a major role in addressing both the economic business challenges and those related to IT. In this report, we will elaborate on the role cloud computing plays for manufacturing companies today.
In particular, we will focus on public cloud computing, looking at what will drive further investments in this area and what will slow this down. We will also show some examples of use cases which we see for public cloud computing in various manufacturing value chains and will also highlight some of the major trends we see for this technology in manufacturing.



teknowlogy’s analysis

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Major challenges for manufacturing companies today

Public cloud adoption and usage in manufacturing

  • Cloud usage areas: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
  • Cloud deployment models: in-house private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid cloud
  • Business application areas for cloud computing

Investment drivers for cloud computing

Challenges around cloud computing

Examples of recent cloud services deals/contracts in manufacturing

Use cases for cloud computing in manufacturing core value chains

  • In engineering/R&D
  • In production
  • In the supply chain/logistics
  • In sales and marketing

Trends around cloud computing in manufacturing

  • Hybrid and multi-clouds
  • Edge computing
  • Open source