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The Economic and Social Impact of Software & Services on Competitiveness and Innovation (SMART 2015/0015)

The software industry is one of the most dynamic industries. As a prime industrial differentiator and the basis for a growing range of innovations, software can significantly increase Europe’s industrial competitiveness and largely contribute to Europe’s growth. But with new opportunities has come a range of challenges that software companies must meet.

Against this background, and on behalf of the European Commission, the project consortium consisting of Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC), Le CXP and Fraunhofer ISI has (again) taken a closer look at the European software and software-related services industry and its economic and social impact. The project team i) shows the current and expected future growth and structure of the European software and IT services market; ii) carves out the current and potential future economic and/or social impact of the European software and IT services industry specifically on Europe; iii) identifies and describes the key drivers for the industry’s growth and competitiveness; iv) takes a specific look at the extent and role of in-house software development; and v) derives policy recommendations to remove barriers and foster the development of the European software industry.

A summary is available in English and French language.