Objectives of the report:

  • Share insights from early adopters of SaaS ERP solutions into the challenges they faced and how they tackled and overcame them.
  • Provide a breakdown of the different (and often hidden) areas of cost associated with a SaaS ERP implementation project.
  • Assess the factors that early adopters have built into their business case, as well as how they have handled the difficult change management process.
  • Look at some of the tactics that early adopters have deployed to drive user buy-in and adoption of the new platform.
  • Provide examples of organizations that have already deployed SaaS ERP solutions.



teknowlogy’s Analysis

  • Management Summary

SaaS ERP is Entering the Mainstream

Look Beyond Cost When Building the Business Case

Be Ruthless With the Old Ways of Working

Cultural Change Will be the Biggest Challenge

Drive Adoption through the Implementation Process

The Cost of SaaS ERP vs On-Premises