SAP launches SAP Learning Hub, user adoption edition - resolving the user adoption challenge

As we start to discuss the new SAP Learning Hub, user adoption edition, let’s take a quick look back a few years to when the SAP Learning Hub journey began. SAP initially introduced its SAP Learning Hub in 2012, followed by a significantly expanded version in 2014. So, 2014 can be marked as a milestone for SAP Learning Hub as the platform for developing and maintaining SAP skills. The SAP Learning Hub has been expanded considerably to include the complete range of SAP learning content and become SAP’s central platform for continuous learning for consultants, SAP professionals, as well as SAP users.

According to SAP, they have exceeded 110,000 external users, and have achieved around 4,700 course titles to date. This really is a success story. At PAC we were wondering what would come next. Here is the answer, and we must say we’ve been impressed once more.

In March 2015, PAC got a sneak preview of the SAP Learning Hub, user adoption edition, which is going to be launched in April 2015. This edition takes into account that an effective user education is key to rapid user adoption of business applications.

From our perspective, the cloud-based SAP Learning Hub, user adoption edition, is a really comprehensive SAP user learning provision. It combines access to tools, content, and services in one subscription.

Another smart feature is putting the user into the learning driver’s seat: the solution helps ensure that the user’s skills are up-to-date and effectively trained.

At our sneak preview we also had the chance to have a closer look at the so called “in-application guidance”. “In-application guidance” provides the user with on-the-job, real-time direction while working with an SAP application – at the moment the user needs guidance to execute their job.

Depending on the SAP application and user settings, “in-application guidance” offers context-based information and training content support. All this is complemented by well-structured, continuous self-study that enables users to learn, keep their knowledge fresh, and prevents skills leakage.

In our opinion, SAP seems to have listened to its customers very carefully and clearly understood what it takes to put the users into the center of everything. The edition has the potential to significantly cut the time it takes organizations to create user training by offering standard learning content for SAP solutions. Also, companies can quickly and easily create for instance simulations, documents, and videos. The result: tailor-made training courses by creating own corporate content.

As a separate service, organizations can take advantage of content factory services increasingly also provided by the SAP partner ecosystem. For an additional fee, SAP partners help customize the content by creating simulations, copywriting, or script-editing, just to name a few options. PAC is convinced this offering provides the freedom of choice a modern learning environment should offer today.

Now, what is most impressive about the new SAP Learning Hub, user adoption edition? Above all, it is the sum and combination of the features and functions it offers.  Furthermore, we also think the scalable ‘per-user’ subscription model meets the customers’ expectations. And, not to forget the idea of social learning that SAP has brought to the next level: all customers are given a private online learning room as a standard to use as they wish.

Besides, we also like the idea that SAP Workforce Performance Builder functionalities are now being integrated as a pure cloud version into the new SAP Learning Hub edition.

We are very positive that with the user adoption edition, SAP will successfully continue its journey and add another cornerstone to the existing SAP Learning Hub platform.