SAP reported financial results for the fourth quarter and its full fiscal year 2020, which ended on December 31st, 2020.

Revenue for the quarter totaled EUR 7.54 billion, a 6% drop year-over-year from EUR 8.04 billion in Q4 2019, Operating Profit rose by 26% to EUR 2.65 billion and Profit after Tax went up 18% equaling EUR 1.93 billion.

For the fiscal year revenue shrank by 1% to EUR 27.3 billion, Operating Profit rose by 48% to EUR 6.62 billion and Profit after Tax by 57% to EUR 5.28 billion.

By segments the situation is as follows: Cloud and Software dropped 4% to EUR 6.58 billion and Services went down as well by 20% totaling EUR 960 million.

For the full fiscal year Cloud and Software rose by 1% to EUR 23.3 billion and Services dropped by 9% to EUR 4.1 billion.

By geographic regions SAP registered the following results for Q4: EMEA dropped 5% to EUR 3.5 billion, Americas dropped as well by 8% to EUR 2.88 billion and APJ by 6% to EUR 1.15 billion.

For the fiscal year EMEA remained flat at EUR 12.1 billion, Americas dropped by 1% to 11.1 billion and APJ by 2% to EUR 4.16 billion.