This vendor profile gives a comprehensive overview of the Worldwide positioning, performance and strategy of ServiceNow.

Aside from a breakdown of Worldwide revenues and a performance review, the profile analyzes ServiceNow’s recent activities, key accounts and major deals as well as partnerships, acquisitions and disposals. teknowlogy provides a SWOT analysis as well as comments on ServiceNow’s positioning in teknowlogy’s latest Worldwide ICT provider rankings.

For ICT providers the competitive data within this profile is a valuable benchmark for their own operations and offerings. ICT user companies will get a solid and independent assessment of the provider’s offerings, strengths and weaknesses.

This vendor profile is part of the SITSI® Market Research by teknowlogy Group with 130+ Corporate Vendor Profiles and 450+ Short Vendor Profiles. Each vendor profile follows the same structure, allowing easy and relevant comparison.

Table of contents
teknowlogy's Analysis
teknowlogy's Opinion
Strategy Review
SWOT Analysis
Positioning in teknowlogy's 2018 Software Rankings – Worldwide/by country
Main Changes 2018 / 2020
Activities Analysis
Analysis of Products & Services
Analysis by Vertical Expertise
Top Accounts
Latest Deals & Projects
Mergers & Acquisitions
Performance Analysis
Financial Record
Breakdown of Worldwide Revenue
Breakdown of Worldwide SITS Revenue by Market Segments
Breakdown of Worldwide SITS Revenue by Vertical Sectors
Performance Review
General Presentation
General Information
Brief Description
About teknowlogy Group